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The very word is filled to the brim with emotion, longing and satisfaction. 

The world of coffee can sometimes be quite complex and confusing, with numerous bean types and origins, blends, brands, roast levels and brewing methods. However, here at DELISH COFFEE ROASTERY, we believe that coffee should be experienced rather than over analysed. Our mission, therefore, is to provide coffee of the highest quality, for real coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike. 

We started DELISH COFFEE ROASTERY in order to share our passion for good coffee with the world, for you to enjoy wherever and whenever you choose.
To help you face the day, first thing in the morning.
To keep you going throughout the day.
To unwind in the afternoon, after a hectic day at work.
Or simply to create the perfect ambiance for friends to get together and socialise.

We trust that you will enjoy our coffee as much as we do! To order online, simply go to the ‘SHOP NOW’ page and make your selection.

And so, as we say here at DELISH COFFEE ROASTERY, we do coffee so that you can

Just drink it! 


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